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Dr. Matthew Bennett

Dr. Matthew Bennett

CVAC & ThetaChamber

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With over 20 years of experience in Regenerative and Alternative Medicine, Dr Bennett is known for pushing the limits of mainstream medicine to get his clients the best results.

Servicing clients from the newly opened WAM Clinic in Newport Beach, Dr Bennett employs cutting edge modalities, therapies, and products backed by clinical trials and studies. He uses a multi-disciplinary approach to provide patients suffering from diseases and other conditions with the best possible outcome. 

In this episode of MindBodySpirit, Dr Bennett introduces us to the ThetaChamber. In different states of mind and activity, your brain will produce different types of electromagnetic activity. For example, during normal waking states, your brain will produce alpha wavelengths, whereas in deeply relaxed or subconscious states, your brain will produce theta wavelengths. A breakthrough neurological therapy approved by the FDA, the ThetaChamber utilizes these natural frequencies (specifically, the theta wavelength) to influence positive change, healing, and repatterning.

Through a customized, precise variety of binaural audio beats, visual light stimulations, and motion stimulations, the ThetaChamber first induces a theta wavelength state within the first 2-3 minutes, and through the remainder of your session. In this subconscious state, the brain’s neurological connections are more receptive to change, learning, and healing. The ThetaChamber then transmits gentle signals to the hypothalamus, encouraging the production of serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters at restored levels. In just a few sessions, new neural pathways replace the old and imbalanced ones, offering patients deep healing and a number of tangible, waking life results.

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