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Brad Axelrad

Brad Axelrad

Transformation Consultant

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For over a decade, Brad Axelrad has been an event producer, consultant, strategist and podcast host, having produced over 150 live events with top business leaders and best-selling authors.

Brad is the Co-Founder of Wake Up Biohacking - live event communities focused on biohacking, anti-aging and longevity. He’s a proud founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders Southern California since 2010 and is a Co-Founder of The Association of Transformational Leaders Costa Rica. As a consultant and speaker, he utilizes his message to support coaches and visionary entrepreneurs by guiding them to create the business that sets them free to live a life of fulfillment and truth.

On his Face Your Dragon Podcast he interviews celebrity thought leaders and icons including don Miguel Ruiz, Arielle Ford, JP Sears and The Kin, musicians seen on Conan O’Brien and who opened up for Coldplay and Pink.

Brad has been featured on numerous media outlets, including NBC Nightly News, PBS Television, OC Register, LA Times, USC News and CBC News Canada.

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