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Anthony Trimino

California Governor Candidate

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As CEO and founder of one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America and contributing member of the Forbes Agency Council, Anthony has a unique approach to bringing a diverse group of people, ideas and perspectives together to build solutions that address and overcome complex challenges facing California like the cost of living, modernization of the education system, post statewide shutdown recovery of businesses, homelessness crisis, healthcare, water, fire resources in our local communities.

While this may be his first political campaign, his family has a rich history of looking ahead to build a better future—without the overreaching involvement of government.

Anthony’s grandparents fled Cuba during Castro’s revolution. They sought the promise of the American Dream right here in California—for their family and for their children. They rolled up their sleeves, started a small business that still exists in Los Angeles, CA today and built a life they could be proud of.

Like his parents and grandparents before him, Anthony was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep desire to build something from the ground up. He saw that the system was setup to keep minorities dependent on government and didn’t promote independence or self-reliance. Wanting to blaze a trail for those who would have the courage to follow, he started his first business in Los Angeles.

“Our first meal as a family in our new apartment was Hamburger Helper—without the hamburger. We just didn’t have any more than that, but we had each other and our faith. That was enough.” Despite adversity, he thrived.

“I know first-hand what it’s like to have sleepless nights worrying about providing for your family. But I also know the potential that California offers. Through tenacity, hard work, faith and the entrepreneurial spirit instilled in me by my parents and their parents, I created something better in California for my family and for others.”

Today, the business he started over 20 years ago is flourishing. Over the past year, while politicians were busy closing business and choking our economy, Anthony was busy creating jobs and providing opportunities. Traffik was named the fastest growing privately held company by Inc 5000.
“Through my agency, I get to work with global brands, innovative startups and Fortune 500 companies to create solutions that drive demand and establish deeply meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. We constantly push ourselves to apply data in more effective ways, engage audiences across every touchpoint, develop innovative solutions and reimagine traditional models to improve the lives of our clients’ audiences by empowering highly informed decisions through authentic, deeply meaningful engagement.”

But some of the most meaningful work Anthony has done is with local organizations that are on the front lines battling homelessness, providing support and relief for families dealing with childhood illness and advocating for youth trapped in the foster care system. In 2021 Anthony was named “Miracle Maker of the Year”, for his 12-year work with ‘Miracles for Kids’ a charity organization that helps families with critically-ill children fight bankruptcy, homelessness, hunger and depression—so they can fight for their kids’ lives.

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