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Tonyah Dee

Tonyah Dee

Master Meditation Teacher

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Tonyah teaches about about finding ways to daily increase inner strength, stability and confidence through practicing spiritual disciplines and healthy habits. She is an example of a woman dedicated to studying, living, examining and sharing proven methods for health, healing and wellness.

A seeker of truth and a believer in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit she loves teaching about who we are created in the image of God and how The Trinity can help us on our journey. Tonyah shows how to cultivate inner peace, love, joy, faith, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control, patience, truth, light and more! She helps those walking the path of sanctification towards liberation. For many years she has shared tips about lifestyle and feeding the body, soul and spirit.

Tonyah writes, sings and records worship and meditation music. Her songs are based on scriptures and concepts found in the Bible. Listen to her music, contemplate and meditate on God and His word, soaking Him in for renewal, reconciliation and restoration. Her hope is to bless others with the peace and power that comes from connecting and surrendering to God through YahLight’s meditation and prayer practices, and through her music.

Tonyah Dee is a Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian (R.D.), and she earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Loma Linda University. Upon graduation, she worked for two of the Charter Psychiatric Hospitals as Director of Nutrition Services. While working for Charter, she gave public lectures on topics such as stress management, nutrition, and healthy habits. She also worked for Pritikin Longevity Center, where she taught cooking classes, and lectured on motivation, lifestyle and the optimum diet. She also has experience as an eating disorder specialist and a midwifery dietitian. In addition to nutrition, Tonyah has earned certifications in Christ Centered Life Coaching, equine therapy and meditation.

She has studied the Bible and wisdom traditions of the world for the last 30 years. Her main teacher has been her son, who above all else, has taught her how to practice the life lessons she has learned, especially the teachings of Jesus and his unconditional love.

Growing up in San Diego with parents who were educators, fueled her commitment to lifelong learning. She spent her summers at Grand Teton National Park, where her father was a seasonal park ranger. Her deep appreciation for nature, stillness and silence really took root during those magical Wyoming summers. She now resides half time in Orange County and half time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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