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Steve Gumaer

Steve Gumaer

Civilian War Hero

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Steve Gumaer has devoted his life to helping women and children in global regions most affected by war.  This modern day hero co-founded Partners Relief & Development in 1994 and Novi in 2022.

During armed conflict, children are denied basic needs, such as safe environments, educational opportunities, and good nutrition that promote positive development and health. Additionally, they are left with the wounds of trauma and emotional pain. It is easy to understand why experiencing armed conflict during childhood and adolescence affects children’s mental health and is a threat to their development.

While establishing sustainable means of program delivery and aid for families displaced by war, Steve developed a team to manage the growing reach, resources, and opportunities to help war-torn communities.

Of all the work Steve has done over the past 28 years, projects aimed at helping children who survive war and oppression have access to healthcare and education have been the most meaningful activities of all. Experience and focusing on helping children who survive the violence of war is what led to starting Novi.

Steve holds a masters degree in Transformational Development.
In addition to his passion for this work, Steve is an avid skier, climber, mountain man and the proud father of three daughters whom are all pursuing their own adventures.

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