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Landon Patterson

Landon Patterson

CEO of Hundred Acre Wine Group

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Landon Patterson became a member of the Hundred Acre team in the summer of 2013. Over the past ten years, he has managed all aspects of sales and expanded the Hundred Acre portfolio of wines into 20 countries on 4 continents.

A native of Southern California, Patterson began his wine career as a sommelier is Las Vegas, working with the venerable Wolfgang Puck at 5 of his signature restaurants on the strip. While there, he built a strong platform of knowledge focused on international wines, but his specialty and passion were solidified toward wines from Italy and Spain.

Patterson’s love of wine and natural ability to impart that passion to customers quickly led him into the world of sales. Over the last 13 years, his deep knowledge of international wines seamlessly translated to working as a sales leader with small, US family wine producers. Patterson worked with Chalk Hill and then BR Cohn to grow and expand their share of market beyond California to across the US. In 2010, Patterson took on the challenge of leading the Western Division as Vice President of Sales with Vintage Point in launching an unknown brand, Oyster Bay, in the US—now one of the top 3 selling New Zealand wine brands sold in the US.

In his current role as CEO of Hundred Acre Wine Group, Patterson spends over 200 days a year on the road at the very best restaurants and retailers in the world, focused on telling the unique Hundred Acre Wine Group story and showcasing the portfolio which includes Layer Cake, Cherry Pie, If You See Kay and Hundred Acre. He is also responsible for developing the Layer Cake brand, which began as a global phenomenon, continues to be a market leader in the popular premium categories, and is the largest brand in the portfolio. Hundred Acre Julia’s received it’s 42nd 100 pt score making it the highest rated wine in America and among the highest rated in the world.

As winemaker and owner of Hundred Acre Wine Group Jayson Woodbridge likes to say, “I am Genesis (the wine creator) and Landon is Exodus (the man who leads others out into the wilderness).” Jayson Woodbridge the owner/winemaker is a savant and iconoclast. His wines are made exclusively by him unlike most wines in Napa, with a focus on emotion and not technical prowess. 

Patterson resides in Southern California with his beloved French Bulldog, Sigmund. He spends his free time playing tennis, organizing fantasy football leagues and donating his Master of Ceremony skills to local charities. He is also an avid cook and world traveler, meditator and eastern spiritualist (quasi practicing Buddhist). He loves to play chess and listen to podcasts on various subjects, especially history and philosophy. He is expecting his first child in August.

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