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Frank Di Bella

Frank Di Bella

Living Legend

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Frank DiBella is an enigma with a golden heart; a truly rare combination of a person who commands the trust of the great and powerful with the most intimate details of their financial life as well as a premier seat at the table of tier one society. To put if frankly, Mr.DiBella is a myth among rarified circles. Having been the top CPA for the movers and shakers who built and ran Vegas during its golden, he worked closely for years with A listers like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Lewis. Frank's incredible contributions to society via his City of Hope foundation raising money for life saving medical research has carved a unique path and set a high standard for the generations to come. His coveted Lets Get Frank galas have raised over eight million dollars since 2015 and provided a social platform to shine a light on the importance of giving back as a signature of a life well lived. Mr. DiBella's story reads like a Hollywood movie filled with enough adventure and kismet to give a magical glow to the concept of the American dream, and all done with class, grace, and mystery that epitomizes a made man. Listen closely and you may just pick up some tips on how to pull off an adventure of a lifetime.

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