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Fran Berger

Entertaining Expert | CEO at Fran Berger, Inc.

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Fran Berger is a home entertaining and luxury lifestyle guru who is recognized for her inimitable combination of elegance and edge. After mastering a successful 20+ year run as the original owner of The Farm of Beverly Hills®, a Beverly Hills landmark and Los Angeles area mini-chain of restaurants, Fran earned her place in the national spotlight as one of the country's go-to home entertaining experts, becoming a recognizable face on daytime television and in consumer lifestyle media. Fran Berger redefines the art of shopping, and has the endless energy it takes to do it. She loves to collect and curate, bringing an elegant touch to every part of your life and home.

Fran’s oversized coffee-table book “THE CATALOGUE” was released Oct. 20, 2021 with a VIP Book Launch Party in Beverly Hills. In her book, Fran shows you how to use the pieces you already have and love; how to take advantage of items you own but probably aren’t using very much, and how to select a few pieces you can add to make entertaining more memorable and infinitely easier. Welcoming friends into your home is itself an act of love,” explains Berger. “Providing a place for communion, facilitating connection — these things are vital in our increasingly disconnected world.”


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