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Burrel Wilks III

Author, businessman, speaker, and life coach  |  Vice-Chairman, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

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Born May 6, 1967, Burrel Lee Wilks III grew up in the West Side neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. The neighborhood was once known for its rough atmosphere and mob activity, and Wilks was groomed for this lifestyle. Wilks's father was a sanitation worker who sold drugs from his garbage truck and who was also connected to many high-profile Chicago mobsters. Before the age of 9, Wilks father had introduced him to marijuana and was using Wilks to keep track of the proceeds from his illicit drug business. From there, Wilks began living on his own, working as a gang chief, drug dealer, pimp, and hustler. Wilks watched as several of his peers died violently, and he made the life-changing decision to leave gang life behind. 

Completely turning his life around and leaving his life of crime behind, Wilks ultimately became a highly successful businessperson. He is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and life coach. He created and trademarked the "Strategies for Millionaire Magnetism" program and became a partner in the property development company Diamond Developments, Inc. Most recently, Burrel was named Chairman of the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise company, which in 2019 became the fastest growing fitness chain in history. Burrel is also the founder, owner, and president of Burrel Streetwise, Inc., based in Los Angeles. Additionally, Burrel has owned multiple businesses, including a grocery store, concert promotion business, gas stations, a furniture store, car dealerships, and jewelry stores.

He has written the following books:

Tattoos on My Soul: From the Ghetto to the Top of the World: A Sizzling Story of Grit, Glitz, and Personal Growth

Success For Life: Seven Streetwise Strategies Guaranteed to Transform You from Wannabe to Winner!

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